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To better serve our clients and help our junior consultants attain the necessary knowledge to lead integration and software projects, we offer a variety of trainings for our new hires.

To learn more about upcoming trainings, talk to our human resource director during the
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IBM websphere
Transformation extender

IBM WebSphere
Transformation Extender Basics

This 3-day instructor-led course is the core course for the IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender program.

IBM WebSphere Transformation
Extender Advanced
Transformation Techniques

A 3-day instructor-led course, which provides a detailed review of the design and methodology of the transformation process using WebSphere Transformation Extender.

IBM WebSphere Transformation
Extender System Management

A fundamental understanding and hands-on experience with the WebSphere Transformation Extender Launcher.

IBM WebSphere Transformation
Extender System Design

Similar to the above course, this seminar provides a fundamental understanding and practical experience of the WebSphere Transformation Extender Launcher.


Basic of IBM
Sterling B2B integrator

A detailed overview of Sterling B2B Integrator.

IBM Sterling File Gateway
Managing the Sterling File

A 2-day instructor-led course introducing participants to the Sterling File Gateway functionality.

IBM Sterling Connect:
Direct Fundamentals for Windows

An in-depth knowledge course presenting you with the skills required to use and master IBM Sterling Connect: Direct in the Windows environment.

IBM Sterling Connect:
Direct for Unix Fundamentals

A 3-day instructor-led course providing attendees with the skills needed to use and master IBM Sterling Connect:Direct in the Unix environment.

Message Queue
IBM WebSphere

Introduction to IBM MQ

An introduction to the concepts of message-oriented middleware implemented by IBM MQ V8.

IBM MQ V8 System Administration
(Windows/Linux for Labs)

A course designed to provide technical professionals with the necessary skills to operate IBM MQ queue managers on distributed platforms such as Windows 2008 Server and Linux.

Advanced System
Administration IBM MQ V8

This lesson focuses on IBM MQ features and solutions, such as clustering and security. It also extends on the skills developed in Technical Introduction and System Administration courses.

integration Bus

Bootcamp IBM Integration
Bus V10

Intended for beginners and professionals who will be working with IBM Integration Bus V10. It is based on practical experience gained over the years and is the best preparation for administration and development tasks.

IBM Integration Bus V10 I
Application Development

This course teaches you how to use IBM Integration Bus to develop, deploy, and support message flow applications.

IBM Integration Bus V10 II
Application Development

An intermediate level suite of topics necessary to successfully create IBM Integration Bus message flow applications and integration services.

The satisco workshop

Throughout the years, Satisco has developed training materials from hands-on experience with IBM technologies.
Ensuring participants get all the basic and/or advanced skills required to master the different solutions we support.

As a result, we deliver the following workshop sessions to our customers:


WTX Advanced Techniques

Sterling B2B Integrator Fundamentals

Coaching on the Job

Topic Specific Workshops

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