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What is sai ?

Satisco Application Integration is intended for companies in
search of a comprehensive, robust, and powerful
solution that can provide them with complete managerial
control of their incoming and outgoing financial flows.

Whatever the nature of these flows (payments, order management, settlements, reconciliation) or their formats (SWIFT, SEPA, FIX, FpML, internal format), SAI will process them according to pre-defined transformation rules.

Through this transformation and format validation, SAI provides a set of tools that can be used according to the needs of a company, whether it's monitoring, tracing, or recycling.

SAI provides visibility, control, and automation, while also allowing urgent manual intervention if necessary. For example: message reprocessing or rapid outgoing flow redirection.

Satisco Control Tower (SCT)

Designed with the finance sector in mind, our SCT solution communicates via a single server that acts as a hub,
which manages different standard protocols required within the financial market.
You can now define your own formats such as flat files, Cobol like, or any other type.

Here are just a few benefits of SCT. To get the inside scope of everything SCT has to offer, contact our team today.

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