The satisco story

Established since 2004, we’ve made a name for ourselves through evolution, partnerships, and collaboration. Making us a leader in data integration and software across Europe. But how did we get here?

Our values :
commitment passion and care

Satisco was born from Egyptian mythology where Satis is the goddess associated with protecting Egypt’s southern border and bringing prosperity to the kingdom. At Satisco we pride ourselves in a similar achievement. Built from a simple, yet solid equation, our commitment is instilled in our high standards of integrity and business ethics, where we thrive in creating long-lasting relationships, unparalleled products, and premium service.


Satisco is committed to the highest standards of integrity and business ethics as we thrive to develop relationships that make a positive difference.


Our staff has empathy and respect for one another and for the customers.


Passion is the fuel that drives Satisco, and its employees, forward.

Satisco: A Champion of Equality and Inclusivity in the Workplace


At Satisco, we take great pride in fostering a corporate culture that staunchly upholds equality and inclusivity. These values are not mere ideals for us; they are ingrained principles at the very core of our company. Our employees, regardless of their race, background, or gender, are valued and respected, reflecting our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusivity.


Gender Equality


Satisco is a company that embodies gender equality in its entirety. From fair wages to promotional opportunities, we implement gender equality at all levels of our organization. We celebrate and encourage the accomplishments of our female colleagues, recognizing their essential contribution to the overall success of our company.

Inclusivity for All Backgrounds


At Satisco, we take pride in our cultural diversity. We firmly reject any form of discrimination and adhere to a zero-tolerance policy towards racism and xenophobia. Our multicultural staff is an asset that fosters innovation and creativity, enriching our company in immeasurable ways. From its inception, Satisco has always emphasized recruiting personnel based solely on the desired professional qualities, and this has borne fruit, as today we are recognized for the quality of our services and delighted with the steady growth of our results.

Human Values


Our commitment to equality and inclusivity goes beyond mere statements of principles; it is evident in our daily culture and in the individual experiences of our employees.

Satisco is more than just a company; it is a collective of diverse and talented individuals united by a shared vision of these human values.

We firmly believe that this celebration of diversity and pursuit of equality are what make Satisco an exceptional workplace and a thriving company.

We are Satisco: a company of equality, inclusivity, and respect.


A recipe for success

Our team is the foundation of Satisco, we help every one of them
meet personal and professional goals by achieving life balance,
with just a little help from a trusty recipe.

A recipe for success

Our team is the foundation of Satisco, we help every one of them meet personal and professional goals by achieving life balance, with just a little help from a trusty recipe.

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A slice of international

We interact with different cultures, in various languages, across many borders.

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A zest of technical expertise

We recruit both highly experimented people and young engineers, offering a very strong and challenging in-house training program.

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A pinch of long-term approach

We put an emphasis on building long-term relationships focused on trust with both our clients and consultants.

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A drop of humour

They say, “there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.” Plus, it’s just so much better to work in a fun environment, wouldn’t you say?

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Satisco goes global with Alan Allman Associates

In 2015 Satisco joined international ecosystem, Alan Allman Associates. This expanded our integration expertise and reinforced our services offers, by creating synergies with other members of the eco-system.

Discover the global ecosystem