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Satisco Solutions
Born from years of experience, our in-house product, Satisco Solution is designed for companies looking for complete control of their incoming and outgoing financial affairs. The Satisco Solution tool can process and manage all payment types, no matter the nature of the flows or their formats.
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IBM Solutions
IBM and Satisco have formed an invaluable partnership to provide customers with optimal data integration packages. IBM Transformation eXtender (ITX), IBM Integration Bus (IIB), and IBM Sterling B2B integration (SBI) are just a few IBM integrations we offer.
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Developing, deploying, and managing your business processes has never been easier thanks to our wide range of available solutions. Add an integration to your back-end and relish in a world of simplified data collection and automated task-building.
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Over the years, our undeniable experience has led us to create honest and transparent relationships with our clients.

As your integration partner, your goals become our goals, which means we’ll always ensure that your project is successful, no matter how we get there.

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Pioneer in data transformation

Since 2004, Satisco has been a leader in data integration and software. With offices spanning Europe, we have made our mark, improving the back-end business processes of global companies.

We continue to achieve annual growth and in 2015 joined international consulting, Alan Allman Associates. This recognized partnership provides valuable success and a global footprint to keep making noise in information technology.

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