Data Transformation as A Service

Cloud computing enables the use of software, platforms, and infrastructures as services. Nowadays, more and more companies are seeking to outsource entire IT services, including data transformation. For example, producing Swift or EDI messages from multiple data sources requires specialised and costly solutions. 

Leveraging Cloud Solutions for Cost-Efficient and Secure Technological Transformation 



The challenge is to reduce the cost of transformation and integration technologies and maintenance expenses. You must do this while maintaining flexibility and adaptability to handle automated transactions. 

To meet this market demand, you need a cloud solution that can do the job. You only need to subscribe to a service whose cost is based on consumption. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about updating your in-house solution to meet international standards. You can count on professionals who stay abreast of the latest technology and standards. 

Remote work helps companies focus on their main tasks, as IT technologies are secure and have many benefits. They will no longer need to develop IT solutions that are not directly related to their business. Remote working’s popularity, along with the benefits of IT technologies, has caused this to happen. 

Data Integration and Transformation for Global Business Success 

In 2015, Alan Allman Associates ecosystem bought Satisco, an IT company that focuses on integration technologies. Satisco has developed solutions based on their field experience. These solutions have been deployed securely in the cloud and are available as a service.  

To communicate well in the market, you need a system that can read your messages and use a standard protocol. The system must be capable of applying the appropriate transformation and routing rules. This solution needs to be scalable, smart, and dependable, no matter how complex or large the data is in your company. 



You must have control and monitor events to stay informed about your business partners. 

After outsourcing your data transformation workflows to this platform, it can identify abnormal behavior. Customisation of an artificial intelligence module enables the generation of alerts and blocking of suspicious transactions based on predefined rules. 

In short, Cloud technologies will increasingly form the basis of IT architectures. We are proud to provide bespoke data integration and transformation solutions that we tailor to your specific needs. These solutions can be used worldwide.


An article by Alain KUNNEN, CEO of Satisco Group.