Public Markets, Alan Allman Associates Golden Opportunity

The European Union is one of the most important regions in the world with a high demand for advanced IT services. Satisco is a member of the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem. Being in European markets is crucial for an IT services company like Satisco, to expand its customer base.


Leveraging European Funding and Regulations for IT Project Success 

European institutions fund many major IT projects. Examples include the European Union’s research and innovation framework program, Horizon Europe, as well as numerous national government initiatives. Being able to win tenders for these projects can offer new business opportunities and strong growth for many years to come. 

The Horizon Europe 2021-2027 project alone represents a budget of 95.5 billion euros. It’s mainly dedicated to the digital transformation of all EU member countries. 

European rules on data protection, quality, innovation, and skilled workers are very strict globally. Companies with a strong presence in public procurement markets have a significant competitive advantage. They often have a better understanding of bidding processes, evaluation criteria and compliance requirements. They may also have established relationships with government agencies, which can facilitate access to projects and strengthen their positioning. 


A Journey in Transformative Technologies 

With over 15 years of experience in a top European institution, Satisco is a leading company in integration technologies. It holds an invaluable reference in the field. 

Since the beginning, the Satisco team has been working on the creation and management of a platform. This platform aims to facilitate integration between the different systems and applications of the institution. It provides a set of functionalities to route, transform, mediate, and manage the messages exchanged between these systems. 

The platform, known as ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), plays a crucial role in enhancing communication and operational efficiency. Today, this platform handles more than five million messages per day. 

This workload necessitates the development of cutting-edge control and management tools. Simultaneously, it demands an extremely demanding work organization. Achieving efficiency at this scale poses unique challenges for the Satisco team. 

In conclusion, the European public procurement markets represent a significant opportunity. This opportunity extends beyond IT services companies like Satisco. It also includes all the companies within the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem. The expansive potential of these markets underscores the broader benefits for the entire ecosystem. 

Indeed, thanks to the complementary nature of the ecosystem’s expertise, we can now respond to all public sector requests. We achieve this by organizing ‘in-house consortia’ that meet expertise requirements. These consortia operate under a single banner, enabling organized and harmonized teams.


An article by Alain KUNNEN, CEO of Satisco Group.