Satisco at 2023 TNT Symposium

Satisco, a major player in the financial industry, was pleased to participate in the 2023 TNT Symposium. The Luxembourg tech community held its annual event on November 22, 2023, at the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL). This year’s symposium was important for tech enthusiasts and Satisco. It celebrated technological innovation, challenges, and the Delano Tech 100 ranking presented with Maison Moderne.

What was the TNT Symposium? The TNT Symposium was a yearly event organized by The Dots, a top marketing agency in Luxembourg. It brought together tech experts, leaders, and enthusiasts. It served as a platform for discussions on the latest technological trends and forthcoming challenges. The tech community in Luxembourg knew the event as its center. It allowed people to share ideas, learn from others, and connect with important people in the industry.

Unlocking Tech Insights The TNT Symposium was a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving technology landscape. With a wide range of experts and leaders gathered under one roof, the event became a knowledge hub. Attendees could immerse themselves in discussions on cutting-edge topics. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, cybersecurity to digital transformation, the symposium covered a spectrum of tech areas. This ensured that attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s current and future direction.

Why Satisco was Taking Part Satisco’s involvement in the TNT Symposium underscored its commitment to supporting and celebrating the remarkable contributions of the tech community to Luxembourg’s digital landscape. The Symposium was a unique opportunity for Satisco to connect with thought leaders and visionaries in the technology industry, facilitating collaboration and innovation.

Celebrating Exceptional Leadership The event was where The Dots gave the THECIO24 title. TechSense gave the title to the new ambassador of Luxembourg’s Tech, Innovation, and Digital community. This award recognized exceptional leadership and contributions to the technology sector in the Grand Duchy. The coveted THECIO24 title was a beacon of recognition for the technology pioneers who had spearheaded transformative initiatives in Luxembourg’s dynamic technology landscape. It honored leaders who demonstrated skill and commitment to innovation. They drove progress and met the challenges of a changing digital world. TechSense honored a new ambassador who played an important role in advancing the digital frontier of the Grand Duchy. They also contributed to creating a better future for everyone.

Delano Tech 100 Honoring Tech Influencers Satisco was pleased to attend the live presentation of the Delano Tech 100 rankings. These rankings featured the top 100 tech influencers in Luxembourg. Delano and Maison Moderne were the ones responsible for organizing this event. The Dots, Maison Moderne, and the tech community collaborated to ensure a fantastic event experience for all. This showed Satisco’s dedication to supporting innovation and excellence in the tech industry. Satisco was excited for the TNT Symposium on November 22, 2023. The event would gather all Chief Information Officers (CIOs) for a stimulating and informative evening.

Patrick Luc, Country Manager, Satisco Belgium “Participating in the 2023 TNT Symposium and Delano Tech 100 reveal was crucial for Satisco, not just a privilege. We were part of this event with the tech community. We recognized their impressive contributions. Strengthening our position as a leading financial institution. We excelled in both finance and technology. This collaboration was important for Satisco as we led in digital finance. Our involvement in the TNT Symposium showed our dedication to staying ahead in the industry.”