White Paper: Swift MT to MX Migration Solution

Satisco Application Integration (SAI) 

Digital transformation is a top priority for financial companies, especially in the realm of financial messages. SWIFT, the global organization that oversees international financial transactions, has announced a migration from MT to MX by November 2025. This transition is crucial to ensure companies remain competitive and compliant with current standards. 

The transition from MT to MX is a significant development. While the MT standard has been in use since the 1970s, it has limitations in terms of flexibility, extensibility, and adaptability to contemporary needs. In contrast, MX is based on XML, which offers unlimited flexibility for exchanging financial data. However, this transition poses a significant challenge for many organizations, as it requires an investment of time and resources to update their systems and processes. 

This is where Satisco’s MT to MX migration solution, known as Satisco Application Integration (SAI), comes in. SAI is a complete solution based on IBM tools, including IBM Transformation Extender (ITX), IBM Sterling B2B Integration and IBM MQ. This solution simplifies and accelerates the migration to Swift MX.


SAI Key Features


1. Automated conversion from MT to MX

SAI includes a complete library based on the IBM Transformation Extender (ITX) which describes all MT and MX formats. It reports all the associated business and data validation rules. SAI also offers a series of pre-designed maps for bidirectional conversion between MT and MX. This approach allows companies to convert their existing MT messages to MX automatically, without modifying their underlying systems.



2. Transition Period Management

One of the main advantages of SAI is its ability to manage the transition period. During this period, some counterparties are still using the MT format, while others are transitioning to the MX format. SAI’s intelligent router can read message content and apply routing and conversion rules based on transaction-specific requirements. This allows companies to use both formats during the transition.



3. Easy integration with all systems

SAI is designed to be compatible with all existing environments including Unix, Linux, Windows, mainframes etc… The descriptive language used in all formats ensures adaptability to future developments in the Swift standard.


4. Integrated Monitoring Tool

The SAI solution allows for real-time tracking of all message exchanges. Advanced monitoring tools enable you to react immediately in the event of a blockage at any stage of the exchange. This feature offers full visibility of messaging operations. It guarantees the reliability and security of exchanges.


5. Integrated B2B Tool

By incorporating the Sterling B2B Integration tool into the solution, SAI provides the easiest way to connect with any partner. Sterling B2B est un outil spécialisé dans la communication hautement sécurisée depuis de nombreuses années. Il est également spécialisé pour répondre à tous les types d’exigences des partenaires.



6. Integrated “OnBoarding” Tool

A specialized tool has been developed using Sterling B2B for simplified usage. This tool can be used to quickly send a link to counterparties, making the connection process easier. Moreover, it allows for automatic parameterization of the system with any counterparty.


Application Sectors 

The SAI solution is designed for both banks and financial institutions. It is suitable for brokers, agents, investment funds, and asset managers. It is also suitable for any company using Swift messages for its financial transactions.


Success stories 

Satisco has already successfully implemented its SAI solution for a number of customers, including asset managers. These asset managers handle millions of messages annually. These use cases illustrate how SAI is effective and reliable in an operational environment.


SAI Solution: Streamlining Swift MT to MX Migration Efforts

The migration from Swift MT to MX is inevitable for companies that want to remain competitive and compliant with current standardsSatisco’s SAI solution provides a complete response to this challenge. It simplifies the process of migration and manages the transition period. It also ensures international connectivity with any counterparty and offers advanced monitoring functions. 

SAI can be set up quickly, making it an essential choice. The major advantages of this product are its ease of integration and compatibility with all systems. It is an effective solution for migrating from MT to MX, managing future Swift messages, and more. 

To learn more about Satisco’s SAI solution and how it can meet your specific requirements, feel free to contact us.


An article by Alain KUNNEN, CEO of Satisco Group.